I Love You – here is where it starts

On Christmas Day 2004 a large part of the Swedish population stops chewing on their Christmas chocolate. A TV commercial from Save the Children makes it clear how domestic violence looks in the eyes of the victim – the child. Many still remember the day when they first saw it, as well as the sequels.

This is also the first time people get to hear “I Love You”. Written and created by Marcus Hanser, who was the master mind behind the idea of the TVC. Nerved’s bass player at that time, Magnus Stenvinkel, and their common friend Richard Tedenholt played big part of the creation of this film. It was shot in a basement – a true low budget production. Many more TVCs was to follow – the campaign was a success. The first time the song was published as a whole was on the album Finally Nerved.

As we close in to 15 January 2018, the five year anniversary revisit to this special song is a fact. We have created a playlist on our YouTube channel where we have gathered all the TV commercial “I Love You” has been the soundtrack to. And of course the magic/tragic music video made by Amrit Forss to the revisited version. Go here and enjoy them all!

Fun fact. I Love You remixed by Dumb Dan hit the UK Dance charts in 2007. Find them here!