We add Adde

And here he is – our new drummer Andreas “Adde” Larsson! One of Sweden’s most hired freelance drummers within metal and hard rock. But as it came out, he was looking for a band to call his own.
– I was looking for a band with a sound like Rammstein and Muse. All of a sudden my friend Peter “Tintin”  Jörgensen (the Swedish lighting engineer legend) told me that NERVED was looking for a new drummer. I checked them out ang BANG fell in love with their music immediately.
Adde are usually on several albums every year. You might have heard him with Red Wolf, Urbandux, Destiny, Deth by Audio, Man Machine Industry, and Massive Audio Nerve …just to mention a few. You can see him in action here.
We are proud to add Adde to NERVED. His skills, beat and passion will add dimensions to our music. To enter the stage on Copenhell on June 18 will be a sheer pleasure!
– On my bucket list was to be a part of a band that I love, as well as play on Copenhell. As I join NERVED I kill two birds with one stone.